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Iris BollingWelcome to my website! It is truly an honor to have you stop by for a visit. Get a cup of coffee or tea, take a seat, relax and grab a book…preferably one of mine! But if not, there are so many great African American romance authors that will entice your passions, raise your curiosity and touch a funny bone or two. The object is to take you away to a land of fantasy where you will experience what love can be, then return you to your world to spread it around. It’s that simple!


Myles Dunning, the thirty-five-year-old CEO of Dunning Bank and Trust, is fighting off one takeover attempt after another to save his family’s historical bank. Recently ranked the third largest bank in the world, the leaders in the financial industry conspire to prevent further growth by any means necessary.

Chrystina Price is a voluptuous, lovable, powerhouse, whose sole purpose in life is to uplift and protect the man she has loved from the first day they met…Myles Dunning. Discovering enemies, close and afar, Chrystina throws everything she has into uncovering and blocking each attempt to bring Myles down.

After a boardroom victory raised the bank closer to the number two ranking, Myles and Chrystina share a victory kiss that unleashes an unstoppable flow of love that no dam could control. The bliss of love is short lived when Miles learns a tragic truth.

When the integrity of the family always comes first is it worth Investing in love.

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