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Iris Bolling | Romance that will entice your mind!
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Iris BollingWelcome to my website! It is truly an honor to have you stop by for a visit. Get a cup of coffee or tea, take a seat, relax and grab a book…preferably one of mine! But if not, there are so many great African American romance authors that will entice your passions, raise your curiosity and touch a funny bone or two. The object is to take you away to a land of fantasy where you will experience what love can be, then return you to your world to spread it around. It’s that simple!

The Heart series invades TV Land

For those who enjoy following the saga of JD and Tracy Harrison in The Heart Series novels written by Iris Bolling, you are in for a treat. The Heart Series is coming to television. On Saturday, February 15, 2014, on the CW-Richmond, The Heart will air it’s first episode.

Creator and Executive Director, Iris Bolling, brought together a talented team of cast and crew to bring the characters from the award-winning novels to life. The first season is based on book one of the series, “Once You’ve touched the Heart.”

Funding for this dream came into fruition, on a wing and a prayer with Iris investing profits from her novels and a little help from the Kickstarter program. For six weekends, (that’s right…six weekends) talented cast and crew converged on Richmond, Virginia to film the six, one-hour long episodes of The Heart.

This venture open doors, for aspiring, actors, writers, and others who wanted to break into the film industry. For authors, this show, with determination, a few friends and a lot of faith, All Things Flow Through The Heart.

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