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Game or GAME?

The Final Chapter – October 31, 2011 Just for fun Ladies, are you looking for a way to get your man’s attention while the game is on? I’m going to suggest you offer another sport that is just as invigorating as football. There are no rules and the score depends on him. Here are the […]

Supporting African-American Authors

Today I want to talk about African-Americans supporting African-American authors. The movie The Help will be released soon. A lot of us got a little up in arms because this book by a Caucasian author about African-Americans was picked up for a movie. The book sold millions because it was supported, not just by Caucasian […]

Adventures of a Self-Published Author

Part 1 Where should I start? The beginning is always a good place. I was born the daughter of a share cropper……..screchhhhh. We don’t want to go that far back. LOL! Just a little humor to get your attention. As those who write knows, it always starts with putting pen to paper, or pulling up […]

Once You’ve Touched The Heart – Prologue

Prologue      We all go through life wondering if the old saying is true, “God has a plan for everyone. He made that special someone just for you. All you have to do is be patient and wait for him to reveal that one person to you.” We have no idea who that person may […]