Adventures of a Self-Published Author – Part II

Adventures of a Self-Published Author

Part 2 – Action

Sorry, it’s been a while since the last post, but I’ve been a little busy with the self publishing business. The last time we were together I shared the beginning of my journey into the literary field – The Plan. You always have to have a plan. The next step is putting your plan into action. Believe me when I say, THIS IS EASIER SAID THAN DONE.

The most frustrating part of my journey was determining where to go once my first …[read more]

Adventures of a Self-Published Author

Part 1

Where should I start? The beginning is always a good place. I was born the daughter of a share cropper……..screchhhhh. We don’t want to go that far back. LOL! Just a little humor to get your attention.

As those who write knows, it always starts with putting pen to paper, or pulling up the computer and putting fingers to keys. It really was just that simple for me. I needed a stress break from work. The job had dealt some harsh blows, and I needed an escape, so I did what I …[read more]

Once You’ve Touched The Heart – Prologue


     We all go through life wondering if the old saying is true, “God has a plan for everyone. He made that special someone just for you. All you have to do is be patient and wait for him to reveal that one person to you.” We have no idea who that person may be, or if that person exists. Nevertheless, we go through life trying to find that someone to fulfill our meaning for life.
     We go out with men and women who we know are not right for us. Like the guy who comes up to …[read more]

The Heart Series

Welcome to my very first blog. I’m joining the world of internet networking and social sites. Along with promoting my novels, I plan to use this blog to introduce you to other authors and have open discussions about romance, family, education, entrepreneurship and self awareness.  So, hold on to your hats, this might be a bumpy ride.

It’s an exciting time in the world of African American Romance.  Joining the ranks of Beverly Jenkins, Brenda Jackson, Francis Ray, Gwyneth Bolton, Donna …[read more]