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The Pendleton Rule is now in effect. Touch what's mine and you will lose your life.

The Pendleton Rule is now in effect. Touch what’s mine and you will lose your life.










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Siri Gazette Vol #1 January, 2011

 Iris Bolling received Shades of Romance Magazine Readers Choice Awards

  Author of The Year

Romance Author of The Year


Once You’ve Touched The Heart received Romance Book of the Year!

Local Author, Iris Bolling Wins Emma Award

For Immediate Release

Richmond, Va.

April 18, 2010…On the cusp of her fourth book’s release, Author Iris Bolling receives the Favorite Debut Author of The Year Award at the Romance Slam Jam’s fifteenth year celebratory conference. The Romance Slam Jam conference recognizes and pays respect to African American authors, and celebrates their craft with their avid fans. Emma Rodgers, Ashira Tosihwe and Francis Ray gave birth to the Romance Slam Jam in 1995 in Dallas, Texas to demonstrate what Nikki Giovanni describes as “The Power Passion and Pain of Black Love.”

Iris Bolling was among nine authors nominated in the Favorite Debut Author category.  To date Bolling has self-published four books in a collection of romance novels titled, The Heart Series. The Heart Series follows the journey of Assistant District Attorney J.D. Harrison from the streets of Richmond, Virginia to President of the United States of America. Love, mystery, politics and suspense, by themselves each could be a plot for a story line, but for Bolling they are all ingredients, critical components that blend together in her work.

The first book of the series Once You’ve Touched The Heart, introduces you to J.D. Harrison, who is anointed with looks, charisma and political connections that will take him far. He doesn’t realize how far until he meets the one woman who touches his heart like no other. Tracy Washington doesn’t know it, but she is quite a force herself, with a sharp mind and powerful spirit wrapped in a beautiful package that has men taking a second look. The sky is the limit for this couple. JD accepts his destiny as the future leader of the Virginia Democratic Party and Tracy becomes a powerful entrepreneur.   The trials and tribulations the couple endures on their journey bring them, to a place in the political arena neither of them imagined.

In the second novel, The Heart of Him, Ashley Harrison, JD’s sister, sets her sights on his campaign manager, James Brooks. James Brooks, changes careers to ensure JD Harrison is successful in his bid for Attorney General of Virginia. To accomplish his goal, James must reconnect with his powerful political family and face skeletons that shattered his life in the past. Ashley Harrison is relentless in her efforts to get the secretive, James Brooks to open his heart to her. Just as “forever after” is within their grasp the past comes back to haunt them, threatening serious damage to the political campaign.

The third novel in the series, Look Into My Heart,begins to reveal the nemesis that has caused havoc in JD and Tracy’s life and the development of the security team that will ensure the journey is not derailed. Tracy’s friend, Cynthia Thornton’s affair with the sitting Governor, plunges her into a world of intrigue. Information given to her for protection puts her life in danger. Ex-Navy Seal and CIA operative, Samuel Lassiter is assigned to protect the socialite. Neither expects love to blossom, and when it does, they literally have to fight to protect it from unknown enemies and family.

The fourth novel, A Heart Divided, unreval’s the mystery surrounding the death of JD Harrison’s father. Attorney General JD Harrison is the leading candidate to become governor of Virginia and eventually President of the United States. He has a beautiful wife, two wonderful children and a promising political career ahead of him. However, he has a nemesis that will go to any length to destroy the Harrison family—including murder. The pieces of the puzzle to JD and Tracy Harrison’s lives unfold in this romantic drama of politics, scandal and murder.

Bolling has received raved reviews on each of the novels. The reviews can be viewed at . The last two novels of the series are being completed with anticipated release dates for 2010.

Iris Bolling lives in Richmond, Virginia. She has a BA in Organizational Management and has a career with the Commonwealth of Virginia where she provides training and professional development for the Department of Motor Vehicles workforce.

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