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The Heart Trailer

JD Harrison has the talent, passion and desire to rise in the political ranks.  Everyone can see it, except him. For JD, his focus is on doing what’s right to make the community he works and lives in a better place.

Tracey Washington’s life has never been all roses. Shunned by a mother who never wanted her, protected from a far by a brother who orchestrates the streets like a corporate organization, she has always felt alone. Her love life has been nonexistent until fate brings her path to cross with JD.

In the first season of this sexy political drama, life propels out of control. From a ladies man who has to turn down his natural urges to be with the one his heart truly desires, to the streets crossing over into the political world. The Heart television series will bring you through a wide range of emotions, hanging on to the very last moment.


To all the supporters from KICKSTARTER!

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the overwhelming support of all of our donors and supporters from the Kickstarter program. Due to your generosity we are able to provide the type of  program which entertain, enlighten and gave a laugh or two as promised. The total contribution from you was used to bring The Heart TV Series to life.

I would like to acknowledge and thank those who dared to BELIEVE.

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